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the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress
maintain by writing regular records; "keep a diary"; "maintain a record"; "keep notes"
hold and prevent from leaving; "The student was kept after school"
retain possession of; "Can I keep my old stuffed animals?"; "She kept her maiden name after she married"
look after; be the keeper of; have charge of; "He keeps the shop when I am gone"
maintain for use and service; "I keep a car in the countryside"; "She keeps an apartment in Paris for her shopping trips"
have as a supply; "I always keep batteries in the freezer"; "keep food for a week in the pantry"; "She keeps a sixpack and a week's worth of supplies in the refrigerator"
store or keep customarily; "Where do you keep your gardening tools?"
supply with room and board; "He is keeping three women in the guest cottage"; "keep boarders"
raise; "She keeps a few chickens in the yard"; "he keeps bees"
keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g., "keep clean"; "hold in place"; "She always held herself as a lady"; "The students keep me on my toes"
maintain in safety from injury, harm, or danger; "May God keep you"
fail to spoil or rot; "These potatoes keep for a long time"