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information that has become public; "all the reports were out in the open"; "the facts had been brought to the surface"
a tournament in which both professionals and amateurs may play
a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water; "finally broke out of the forest into the open"
ready for business; "the stores are open"
not having been filled; "the job is still open"
without undue constriction as from e.g. tenseness or inhibition; "the clarity and resonance of an open tone"; "her natural and open response"
affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed; "an open door"; "they left the door open"
affording free passage or access; "open drains"; "the road is open to traffic"; "open ranks"
used of mouth or eyes; "keep your eyes open"; "his mouth slightly opened"
having no protecting cover or enclosure; "an open boat"; "an open fire"; "open sports cars"
(set theory) of an interval that contains neither of its endpoints
open to or in view of all; "an open protest"; "an open letter to the editor"
accessible to all; "open season"; "an open economy"
not sealed or having been unsealed; "the letter was already open"; "the opened package lay on the table"
not brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought; "an open question"; "our position on this bill is still undecided"; "our lawsuit is still undetermined"
make available; "This opens up new possibilities"
become available; "an opportunity opened up"
make the opening move; "Kasparov opened with a standard opening"
cause to open or to become open; "Mary opened the car door"
become open; "The door opened"
display the contents of a file or start an application as on a computer
begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.; "He opened the meeting with a long speech"
start to operate or function or cause to start operating or functioning; "open a business"
have an opening or passage or outlet; "The bedrooms open into the hall"