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Exact Match:

the act of changing location in an upward direction
an increase in cost; "they asked for a 10% rise in rates"
a growth in strength or number or importance
a movement upward; "they cheered the rise of the hot-air balloon"
increase in value or to a higher point; "prices climbed steeply"; "the value of our house rose sharply last year"
rise in rank or status; "Her new novel jumped high on the bestseller list"
exert oneself to meet a challenge; "rise to a challenge"; "rise to the occasion"
become heartened or elated; "Her spirits rose when she heard the good news"
move upward; "The fog lifted"; "The smoke arose from the forest fire"; "The mist uprose from the meadows"
come up, of celestial bodies; "The sun also rises"; "The sun uprising sees the dusk night fled..."; "Jupiter ascends"
increase in volume; "the dough rose slowly in the warm room"
rise up; "The building rose before them"