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the act of raising something; "he responded with a lift of his eyebrow"; "fireman learn several different raises for getting ladders up"
a ride in a car; "he gave me a lift home"
the act of giving temporary assistance
one of the layers forming the heel of a shoe or boot
a device worn in a shoe or boot to make the wearer look taller or to correct a shortened leg
a wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground
remove from a surface; "the detective carefully lifted some fingerprints from the table"
take off or away by decreasing; "lift the pressure"
remove from a seedbed or from a nursery; "lift the tulip bulbs"
remove (hair) by scalping
put an end to; "lift a ban"; "raise a siege"
rise upward, as from pressure or moisture; "The floor is lifting slowly"
raise in rank or condition; "The new law lifted many people from poverty"
call to stop the hunt or to retire, as of hunting dogs
make audible; "He lifted a war whoop"
take (root crops) out of the ground; "lift potatoes"
take hold of something and move it to a different location; "lift the box onto the table"
move upwards; "lift one's eyes"
pay off (a mortgage)