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jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal (often set with jewels) worn on the finger; "she had rings on every finger"; "he noted that she wore a wedding band"
a square platform marked off by ropes in which contestants box or wrestle
a characteristic sound; "it has the ring of sincerity"
the sound of a bell ringing; "the distinctive ring of the church bell"; "the ringing of the telephone"; "the tintinnabulation that so voluminously swells from the ringing and the dinging of the bells"--E. A. Poe
a toroidal shape; "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke"
attach a ring to the foot of, in order to identify; "ring birds"; "band the geese to observe their migratory patterns"
sound loudly and sonorously; "the bells rang"
make (bells) ring, often for the purposes of musical edification; "Ring the bells"; "My uncle rings every Sunday at the local church"