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a board game for two players who place counters on a grid; the object is to surround and so capture the opponent's counters
a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else); "it's my go"; "a spell of work"
functioning correctly and ready for action; "all systems are go"
be abolished or discarded; "These ugly billboards have to go!"; "These luxuries all had to go under the Khmer Rouge"
be spent; "All my money went for food and rent"
move away from a place into another direction; "Go away before I start to cry"; "The train departs at noon"
follow a procedure or take a course; "We should go farther in this matter"; "She went through a lot of trouble"; "go about the world in a certain manner"; "Messages must go through diplomatic channels"
pass, fare, or elapse; of a certain state of affairs or action; "How is it going?"; "The day went well until I got your call"
be or continue to be in a certain condition; "The children went hungry that day"
be awarded; be allotted; "The first prize goes to Mary"; "Her money went on clothes"
lead, extend, or afford access; "This door goes to the basement"; "The road runs South"
be sounded, played, or expressed; "How does this song go again?"
be contained in; "How many times does 18 go into 54?"
be ranked or compare; "This violinist is as good as Juilliard-trained violinists go"