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measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths
a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior; "it was his rule to take a walk before breakfast"; "short haircuts were the regulation"
(mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems; "he determined the upper bound with Descartes' rule of signs"; "he gave us a general formula for attacking polynomials"
any one of a systematic body of regulations defining the way of life of members of a religious order; "the rule of St. Dominic"
prescribed guide for conduct or action
directions that define the way a game or sport is to be conducted; "he knew the rules of chess"
(linguistics) a rule describing (or prescribing) a linguistic practice
the duration of a monarch's or government's power; "during the rule of Elizabeth"
keep in check; "rule one's temper"
decide with authority; "The King decreed that all firstborn males should be killed"
decide on and make a declaration about; "find someone guilty"
mark or draw with a ruler; "rule the margins"
have an affinity with; of signs of the zodiac